Design for the bottom line®

Shaping, designing, launching & growing businesses.

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From idea to adoption

Prioritising, investment & change

Shaping the path forward. Creating the space, buy-in and funding for change.

& service design

Designing compelling and useful journeys and experiences, that customers love.

Building, launching
& evolving

Building to test ideas or coding to scale with the content and flexibility, to last.

Growing, selling & marketing

Creating market fit, enabling sales teams and getting real customers to pay.

“Class35 really helped us make sense of the opportunities we had to help our customers, created highly innovative new service propositions and then worked with us to bring them to market.”

Philip Gardiner

Head of SMB Credit & Data Product

“Not only did Class35 help us define and iterate new concepts, they have also had a long-term influence on how we think about investing in product innovation.”

Lara Gilman

Head of Product & Strategy

“Their work to establish our growth markets and the internal realignment required to reach them directly led to a significant increase in sales and growth.”

John Milliken


Our story

Brought together 5 years ago by a shared mission to live up to the promise of the marriage of commerciality and creativity.

Practical, honest consulting, building actual things, bringing in real customers.

We're helping many businesses large and small, old and new, achieve customer-led growth. Work with us to grow your bottom line.

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