We worked with FirstPort, the largest residential property management company in the UK, to redesign its business and technology landscape from the ground up based on customer needs


Property Management
Service Design
Digital Transformation

Our PE-owned client, the UK’s largest residential property manager, had been built through aggressive M&A, but was labouring under a legacy technology stack, high operating costs and a poor customer and employee experience.

Against an ambitious vision, we were tasked with helping to design an industry-leading customer experience, and the underlying business to deliver it, turning the CEO's napkin sketch of a 'digital business' into reality.

Making the case for change

Starting with a deep understanding of the customer, and working with an internal team of 30 representatives, we designed the ideal 'greenfield' service experience, aligning the supporting processes to deliver, and defining the digital product requirements to enable them.

We used the design of the future service, centred on the customer with seamless internal experience, to define a new enterprise system landscape, and the new organisation design around it. Ensuring the entire business was aligned around the customer.

We then built a bottom-up model of the efficiencies available from making interactions more frictionless for both internal and external audiences, reducing effort across the organisation, to understanding the economics of the new business design.

Delivering the value

Rather than a risky 'big bang' core systems replacement, we created an innovative delivery programme to build a modern ‘startup’ property manager from scratch and deliver an MVP to market, before migrating the entire business onto the new platform

With a strong handle on the economics of the new business model, delivery programme and associated investment profile, we delivered a business case to the PE board, releasing the investment in a full digital transformation

Following board sign-off, we then designed the two-speed programme to deliver the future experience and core systems in parallel, before helping to establish the internal product and programme capabilities to deliver it.





Designed and developed 3 new digital products for customers, property managers and contact centre to drive customer self-service and employee effectiveness

Worked with an internal team of 30 to redesign core business processes covering 90% of interactions and define requirements for a new enterprise system landscape

The new group-wide operating model and organisation design would run at 25% lower variable cost of the existing business, with a far superior customer and employee experience

Announced its sale to PE-house in summer 2019, with digital transformation cited as a key factor and agenda for the future