If we were starting again today, what would we do?




If we were starting again today, what would we do?

FirstPort is the largest residential property manager in the UK. Having successfully grown its asset base following a Private Equity exit, it was looking to become more operationally efficient, whilst improving the experience for customers and colleagues. To achieve this, the CEO set out a vision for a new digitally-enabled property management company, via a napkin sketch.

Class35 was engaged to turn this napkin sketch into a reality.

Starting with customer needs, we mapped out the end-to-end experience, identifying pain-points, and corroborating these with contact centre data. We then designed the future-state digital experience alongside new business processes to define the requirements for the new digital platform, the core systems that underpinned it, and the operating model to enable it - whilst quantifying a business case for doing so. As the programme kicked into delivery, we acted as product owners for the digital platform, ensuring the business case was upheld through product prioritisation.


  • The platform was deployed and rolled out in 2021
  • The promise of the business case and clarity of plan contributed to the company exiting to another private equity firm 
  • The napkin sketch is now a reality delivering a 15% operating margin improvement


Building & launching

Defining the strategy

Executing the plan

Creating operational efficiency

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