How do we get our retail challenger off the ground?




How do we get our retail challenger off the ground?

The founders of Stored had a vision to solve a recurring pain-point for shoppers and retailers, but they needed help bringing it to life. They approached us for our expertise in branding and strategic design and experience working in retail. Our challenge was to create a well-rounded proposition that would appeal to customers, retailers, and investors alike.

The idea behind Stored was to tap into the "save for later" economy - the products that people want to buy, but often get lost in endless screenshots, photos, WhatsApp messages, and multiple baskets and wishlists on retailer websites. Stored aims to address this issue by  letting people create a single shopping basket with items from any store, online or offline, all in one place on their mobile devices. Retailers can also benefit from this by reaching out to customers who are interested in their products and offering them discounts or other incentives to encourage them to buy.

Our collaboration with Stored involved developing a value proposition and messaging strategy, as well as designing a distinct brand that would stand out in a crowded industry. We worked closely with their team to design and build a website that effectively conveyed their unique offering and supported their marketing and app development efforts.


The result of our collaboration was a compelling proposition that caught the attention of investors. Stored secured £500k in an angel funding round, allowing them to move forward with their vision. The Stored app launched early this year and continues to surpass customer and retailer acquisition targets, and with momentum building, they have big plans for the future. 


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