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2018 - 2019
Financial Services

a payments

Partnering with a consortia of industry leaders, we helped a high street bank to launch a high profile payments product.

12 months

From Post-it to live product

6 months

Transfered ownership inhouse

As a member of a consortia of industry leaders and specialist providers from within the fintech space, we were tasked by a high street bank to develop the new brand and digital interfaces on which their new payments proposition would compete.

Starting with understanding the needs and pains of merchants via primary research, we developed a suite of digital products to make their lives easier; from signup, to capturing payments, to managing their business through actionable insights.

Just a year later, the proposition launched to national press coverage. The response from the industry was overwhelmingly positive - with many praising the bank for its vision, bravery and execution.

Live on the British high street, the product represents one of the most strategic launches in recent years for the bank and we continue to work with the consortia on global projects and IP development.

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