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Health Insurance

a leading health

We helped an analogue business adapt to a rapidly changing marketplace.

+12 new products

Created and launched

5 new internal capabilities

Reenergising the organisation

Facing a rising tide of changing customer behaviour, the emergence of industry aggregators and a new breed of pure-play digital competitors, our client needed to find a way to transform to meet the needs of a newly competitive and transparent marketplace.

Our leadership were tasked with taking the business on a journey to transform its existing business and find new sources of value-added services to stabilise the business and restore share growth.

Over the course of two years, we recommended and led a series of major board-level initiatives, including transforming the go-to-market model and launching a digital-first challenger brand; launching a customer experience transformation programme; transforming their unprofitable corporate business line; and establishing an internal innovation capability and product teams and launching new digital propositions.

After 8 years of market decline, our client has returned to market share growth.

The digital challenger brand is the fastest growing brand in market - with a market-leading NPS, the corporate business line re-launched with a sales increase and positive profitability, and the new innovation capability has launched a number of successful digital products. This has set the foundation for expansion into digital health services.

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