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High Tech

Global growth for a family-run business

Helping a British technology company to take on international expansion, armed with a new proposition and brand.

5 Strategic Markets

Identified for international growth.

+35 Thought Leadership Pieces

Created to shift product perceptions

Our client, a family-run business, had survived numerous strategy pivots in its 15-year history to record consistent growth. In the face of a changing regulatory landscape in their corner of the payments ecosystem, they needed to diversify for growth.

With the added pressure of a significant growth capital injection from a Private Equity backer, our client tasked us with identifying the international growth opportunities within their core and adjacent markets, as well as reviewing the company‘s strategic positioning, which would provide the foundation for this newfound growth plan.

We started by understanding the proposition - interviewing and shadowing colleagues, clients, and mystery-shopping competitors - which revealed that our client‘s product was of huge value, but deeply misunderstood by it‘s audience.

Having identified the crux of the problem, we worked to change industry perception, delivering a full rebrand, website redevelopment, social media facelift, a thought leadership strategy, and sales training. 

The refreshed and strengthened proposition and brand, carrying greater credibility, enabled the business to engage with leading merchants, carriers and regulators around the world on a new footing.

After a full financial year under the new proposition, they were recognised by Deloitte as one of the 500 fastest growing tech companies in the world, and their CEO was shortlisted for EY and Amazon Entrepreneur-of-the-Year awards, as a result of their progressive growth strategy.

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