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2018 - 2019
Property Services

Equipping a
scale-up with
CX capability

We equipped a property company to deliver consistently superior customer experience in the face of rapid growth.

3 new locations


65 design methods


Our client are the leaders in what they do – an innovative living concept that creates new residential spaces within city centres. They had recently closed a significant investment round, and in the face of rapid expansion that would subsequently follow, were concerned that new and ongoing projects had lost critical customer focus.

We were tasked with identifying the opportunities and gaps within their existing organisational design and capability-set and designing and building a customer experience team that could deliver and optimise guest experiences around the world.

Starting with a skills audit and interviews, we identified existing employees who had the knowledge and drive to fulfil customer experience roles required for the new function.

Once this new team was established, we worked in partnership with them on a continuous CX improvement programme, running customer-led methodologies to identify pain points in the current journey and devising service initiatives to address them.

The project successfully demonstrated the efficacy of the new CX capability and as a result, the board not only approved investing into a permanent CX function across all regions, but have since revised their property development approach to incorporate CX design at the earliest stages of property development.

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