Our services

Unlock innovation to create new value

Uncover opportunities that solve problems and deliver commercial returns. Our Innovation & Growth practice creates category-defining product, service, and business ideas and structures the capabilities and canvases to do so repeatedly: 

● Opportunity definition

● Segmentation & market sizing

● Innovation platforms & roadmaps

● Product & service prototyping

● Validation research

● Business case & pitch development

● Innovation lab design 

Transform to meet your customers’ future needs

Realign your organisation to meet the objectives of your customers. Our Experience Design practice maps future customer journeys and the enabling organisations to create a clear roadmap for change, grounded in customer needs and commercial objectives: 

● Customer journey mapping

● JTBD analysis

● NPS improvement

● Channel shift

● Digital self-service

● Branch / physical estate strategy 

● CX NorthStar 

Create brands that mean something

Launch brand estates that maximise clarity and interest in the mind of your target customer.  Our Brand & Portfolio practice defines new brand identities and propositions, and the commercial brand strategies that underpin them: 

● Portfolio strategy

● Brand architecture

● New brand propositions

● Identity & expression

● Hierarchies & integration

● Digital expression

● Co-branding

Reach your most valuable audience

Develop go-to-market strategies that achieve customer acquisition and positioning objectives.  Our Go-to-market practice delivers the strategy to find and reach valuable customers, and the tactics to win them. 

● Proposition design

● Customer segmentation

● Naming & messaging

● Product marketing

● Product launch strategy 

● Partnerships 

● B2B buyer journeys 

Working with us 

We know our best chance of success is working as an extension of your team. As experienced practitioners and consultants, we bring an outside-in perspective, drawing on our cross-sector experience and a robust toolkit of strategy, design and growth marketing methods.

We compliment this experience with primary customer insights and thorough commercial analysis to understand your context and to illuminate a path. We then rely on a lot of collaboration to help you take it. Our approach is workshop-driven, with clear moments of alignment and debate, to make sure that we arrive at the best possible answer together, and with customers in mind. 

And when it comes to finishing up our projects, we always like to make sure we leave you better than we found you, by handing over all of our outputs and, where possible, the ways of working and tools that created them.