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Incubating Moai, a clinical mental health and wellbeing platform, and helping the founding team to successfully close their Pre Seed funding

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Proposition Design

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We helped the founding team to successfully close a Pre Seed investment round

A live pilot which engaged clients across the private and public sectors, select schools and NHS departments.

We have continued our relationship in an advisory role.


MOAI applies the same frameworks employed by psychologists to a new data-led platform enabling workplaces to better support their employees’ mental wellbeing. Businesses want to actively promote compassion and mental wellbeing whilst tackling some of the root causes of absenteeism that’s costing nationwide businesses billions in productivity losses.

The founder approached us with a robust evidence based proposition rooted in academic and clinical research. Able to eliminate outlier statistics to focus on the most common behaviours, the brief was to develop a compilation of data trends and causation assessed against a universal dataset into a consumable digital product that businesses could tap into. 

They needed a brand and intuitive interface to serve understandable and actionable insights and guidance to HR leaders. This would give them visibility of trends that may be happening at a company level e.g. a lack of compassion in a department or seniority level - highlighting an opportunity to educate and improve, whilst providing safety nets and appropriate pathways according to employee’s needs. These encompassed the recommendation of light-touch psychotherapy and mindfulness apps through to more clinical interventions managed by the NHS.

Our Work

This complex but stimulating brief brought out the best in Class35’s skills to bring a vision to fruition and subsequent product to market. Working closely together we co-developed the concept and an easy-to-buy business proposition that would resonate with potential customers. 

We defined the product packaging, UI and technical brief followed by the brand identity and investor collateral. Our natural affinity evolved into an incubator-light relationship.

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