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Helping GoCardless, a market leading recurring payments provider, to diversify beyond its core product with two global product launches

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‘Borderless payments’ was launched at Web Summit 2019 and covered by extensively international press. The approach set a precedent for go-to-market strategies thereafter.

Success+ launched in April 2020, the first in a line of intelligent products to help customers manage their recurring payments more effectively.

GoCardless, a market leading recurring payments provider, were on the cusp of launching the worlds first global network for recurring payments - a realisation of their original vision and landmark milestone in their journey. We helped the team identify the messaging to support the go-to-market and have continued to work with the product marketing team to help this ambitious scale-up grow beyond the original product.

Borderless Payments

We coined the word ‘Borderless’ to embody the global evolution of the GoCardless brand. The term ‘Borderless Payments’ tapped into emerging language in the payments market, including language used by TransferWise, a key partner in the launch of the global network.


Payment failure is an accepted pain in many businesses. However, the GoCardless product team, in collaboration with their data scientists decided to challenge this. We spoke to customers to understand the pains surrounding failed payments and defined a fitting product name, proposition messaging and sales enablement material to ensure a successful launch.

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