FTSE 100 Retailer / Single Selling Platform

Helping a FTSE 100 Retailer to explore a vision for seamless shopping in 2025. Understanding how customers will shop in retailer’s stores and how payments and transactions will take place.

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FTSE 250 Retailer


The roadmap was substantiated with insights giving the client confidence in their investment and initiatives direction - what to pursue and what to pause from the payments armoury of scanning guns, mobile, and even Just Walk Out-esque technology and experiences.

We acknowledged the impact of covid upon the in-store experience, outlining the behaviours that have shifted permanently and those have bounced back seemingly unaffected.


Explore a vision of seamless shopping in 2025. How will customers shop in the FTSE250 retailer’s stores, how will payments and transactions take place and how can we best prepare ourselves for it? 

Our Work

Class35 took a holistic view of the current connected selling channels and looked at how they crossover to present different shopping experiences. This was followed by ethnographic research mixing interviews and shadowing, fitting a specific profile across the UK. We delved into the drivers behind a shop, how customers plan for it and how payment would take place. 

Our insights outlined the need for the brand to offer choice in the shopping experience to serve customers as different as introverts and extroverts.

We helped a leading UK multichannel retailer see how they sit in an ecosystem of retailers as a primary or secondary destination. Some customers use it as a station pit stop, some for a regular weekly shop - whilst getting the basics at the big seven with the rest elevating their weekly shop with a jaunt to the food hall. This paved the way for our Shopping fast and Shopping slow notion, a tag enthusiastically adopted by the management. 

We showed the need to design for these two shopping journeys. Fast - a focused shop - dash in to get exactly what you want in the lunch aisle or underwear department; Slow - a browsing experience to see what’s new or trending.

We presented a road map making an investment case for different payment and check-out technologies and what role they would play in the shopping journeys of the future. We saw a maintained role for hardware enablers and made further recommendations around the roles of mobile, digital colleagues and hardware. 

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