Class35's Retail Futures imagines, proves and scales new and profitable shopping experiences, at pace.

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Our team have worked with

Use Futures to work out....


The role of your bricks and mortar estate

What are your stores actually for?


Hybrid shopping experience

To sell more stuff to more people.


The opportunities in the metaverse

To ensure you are always relevant!

Our process

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Future of Retail Workshop

Get immersed in the latest cultural shifts and begin to build a picture as to how they’re likely to impact your current view of the world.

2 hours


Retail Futures Sprint

Together we take your proposition from idea to live concept, unpicking the people, props, pixels, products, property and permission required to bring the idea to life.

1 week

Our experts

George Mayou, Partner

Orchastrated customer-led transformations for high-street giants such as M&S, Kingfisher and Boots, delivering new products and services with lasting impact on the bottom line.

Seema Jain, Design Director

Seema has built and led design teams delivering differentiated omnichannel customer experiences, she has an eye for solving complex knotty challenges.

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