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Customer Research
Product Strategy

Mental health will kill more people than cancer or heart disease by 2030, whilst the NHS is already creaking as referral rates double and resources don’t. Only 7% of the NHS budget is provided to mental health, of which only 30% is allocated to prevention rather than reactive care.

Our partner, Dr Patrick Davey, supported by a board of science leaders from psychology and organisational development, developed a new scientific framework for managing wellbeing in the workplace. To help workplaces share the clinical burden with the NHS.

Bringing science

to life

Immersing ourselves in the scientific principles of the product, we quickly prototyped an intuitive digital experience to turn paper-based clinical surveys and inaccessible datasets into a connected platform for data collection and visualisation.

With a working prototype, we developed a brand identity and design system, as well as a detailed go-to-market strategy and business plan - to turn the product into a business.

Designing the product

The product combines proprietary, statistically validated clinical surveys on wellbeing, culture and connection and proven data-led “interventions” that allow organisations to predict wellbeing and cultural issues and take early preventative action.

Moai Health is launching later in 2021, with a handful of pilot clients, including the British Army.






Of work days lost to illness are as a result of stress, depression or anxiety

Of the UK’s working population are affected by poor mental health in some way

The annual cost of poor mental health to employers in the UK

Reduced financial and clinical burden relief delivered by Moai for businesses